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Have You Had To Stop Gardening Because of Wrist and Hand Pain or Disability? Don’t Worry, You Can Do  It Again With The Helpful Hand™

Do You Need Wrist Saving Garden Tools, Or Special Innovative Garden Tools? Are You Disabled And Need Special Garden Tools For Handicapped Persons?

Do you miss working in your home garden or working with your hands?  Are you unable to hold and use garden tools without severe pain or discomfort?  Are you disabled and need garden tools for handicapped persons, or special wrist saving garden tools? Well worry no more because The Helpful Hand™ will help relieve your pain and actually help you hold and use your garden tools.  No matter what the problem is with your hands, The Helpful Hand™ will help your hands get back to the gardening you love.

The Helpful Hand Works Better Than Wrist Saving Garden Tools Or Garden Tools For Handicapped Persons.

If you buy one wrist saving garden tool, a garden tool for handicapped persons, or any other supposedly innovative garden tool, you will have to buy several.  That could be very expensive. The Helpful Hand will help you hold most, if not all, of your garden hand tools for you.  Plus, The Helpful Hand has many more uses.  If you have problems using a regular garden tool, you’re likely to need some help using other objects as well.  The Helpful Hand holds so many different kinds of  objects, it would be impossible to list them all, but we’ll list a few; Pens, forks, spoons, toothbrushes, brushes, paintbrushes,  razors,  phones, golf clubs, rackets (tennis, racquetball, badminton, and squash),  knitting and crochet needles, arts and crafts tools,  wrenches, screwdrivers, scissors, pliers, etc.

Click Here To Order The Helpful Hand™ To Replace Or Work With Wrist Saving Or Innovative Garden Tools, Or Garden Tools For Handicapped Persons

There are many types of innovative garden tools that you can buy.  Some garden tools call themselves "ergonomic." Some say they are "wrist saving garden tools"; others use the label, "garden tools for handicapped persons." They are supposed to be easier to use, and prevent injury. They may have a slightly different shape or a larger handle, but how do they work?  How does a larger handle make anything easier to grasp if you have weak or painful hands or wrists?  The answer is, it doesn’t. They don’t help you hold the item properly or give proper support like The Helpful Hand™ does.

 You may be able to find so-called "wrist saving garden tools" that help keep the wrist straight, but that doesn’t help you much. It only helps if you move your hand in a straight line, which is a nearly impossible movement in gardening. It’s like slicing a loaf of bread - once you make even a slight turn, if you have a weak wrist, you are just as likely to injure yourself. When using a garden tool, even a wrist saving garden tool, there is still one thing you must do to use it, and that is grasp it tightly.  With The Helpful Hand™, you can hold any regular or innovative garden tool loosely because of its patented support system. The Helpful Hand™ can hold all kinds of special or innovative garden tools for you, which takes stress off of the painful wrist, thumb, or hand, allowing it to rest.  The painful muscles, tendons, and joints that must grasp and hold the  garden tools don’t need to squeeze the garden tool too tightly, providing significant pain relief, promoting faster healing, and even improving hand function.

Compare the Helpful Hand™ to Other Braces

The Helpful Hand Supports & Immobilizes Hand / Wrist / Thumb, Improves Function of Hand / Wrist / Thumb, Reduces Fatigue in Hand / Wrist / Thumb, Minimizes Pain, Increases Personal Independence, Accelerates Healing

If you work in your home garden frequently, you may be at risk of getting a repetitive strain injury, (RSI). Causes of RSI include overuse, and strong repetitive pinching and grasping, especially with the hand in an awkward position. If you use The Helpful Hand when working in your home garden, and take frequent rest breaks, you’ll be reducing the chances of getting an RSI significantly. If you have pain already, use of The Helpful Hand will help you heal and reduce pain better than all other braces and supports. So use the Helpful Hand instead of the so-called "innovative garden tools" or "wrist saving garden tools" when you work in your home garden regularly.

What makes The Helpful Hand™ so different from other supports and braces? First, it’s made from the highest quality materials, but the real news is our patented support system.

What Is the "Tripod Pinch"? Why should you care?
To perform dozens of daily tasks, you must be able to grasp objects with your thumb, index finger and middle finger-a skill known as the 'tripod pinch.' The Helpful Hand™ is the only brace on the market today that helps you do it.

Its available now, why wait?

You Won’t Need Any Wrist Saving Garden Tools, Innovative Garden Tools, Or Special Garden Tools for Handicapped Persons.  You’ll Have The Helpful Hand™

Click Here To Order the Helpful Hand™ to hold your Garden Tools

Make the Helpful Hand one of your regular home garden tools, and use it instead of wrist saving garden tools, or other supposed innovative garden tools like the garden Tools for handicapped persons You're wrists and hands will be glad you did.

It’s available only from this web site (or a select few retailers), and comes with this money-back guarantee: Try The Helpful Hand™ for 30 days, and if you are not 100% satisfied with it, return it to us for a full refund.


Free Pamphlet with Purchase
Replaces Wrist saving garden tools
Replaces Wrist saving garden tools

Replaces Garden tools for handicapped persons
Replaces Garden tools for handicapped persons

Use with or replace innovative garden tools with regular tools
Use with or replace innovative garden tools with regular tools

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